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Reclines provide us with all the comfort that we need, especially after a long day at work since they allow you to unwind and relax in your homes. They’re also perfect to watch TV, read a book, or cuddle with your pet. But sometimes, especially with a new Bonzy Home recliner, some minor tweaks and adjustments are necessary, so knowing how to adjust a recliner is crucial.

You will feel the need to adjust a recliner when you find the reclining either too hard or too easy to do. Typically, people with smaller or weaker frames find this tough when it is too hard to recline. However, someone too tall or heavy will actually appreciate this.

So, basically, adjusting the recliner entirely depends on you and your preference. As such, we’ll give you a step-by-step guide on how you can effectively do this.

How to Adjust a Bonzy Home Recliner

Below, we will offer you an easy and effective process on how you can adjust the recliner. These have been divided into two methods, and they are:

Method One

  1. Flip your recliner to find the points of attachment for its springs.
    When you find it, and you feel that they appear to be aged, then make a note of it, as you will most likely have to replace it with newer ones.
    Stretch this spring using two screwdrivers and quarters.
  2. You can remove the old spring by using a pair of pliers. Ensure that you have protected your eyes as these springs will be under extremely high tension. They could pop up easily and out into unexpected places.
  3. Fix in the new springs by connecting one of its ends to the attachment point. Now pull it so that you can attach the other end too. In this case, it is advisable to use an adjustable locking pliers.
  4. Now you can gently take the quarter out and then reposition the recliner for it to be upright.
  5. Test this, and if you still find an issue, you may need to try other sets of springs.

Method Two

  1. Begin by moving all the furniture around the reclining chair so that they do not get into the way of the footrest.
  2. Locate the buttons or levers which control the recliner’s reclining mechanism. A lever will most likely be located on the right side of the recliner, whereas the buttons will be on the chair’s arms.
  3. Sit in the recliner. If you have one that is operated by a lever, then lean back and apply pressure on its back while you pull up the lever to recline the chair and to lift the footrest.
  4. Keep leaning and pulling at the same time until you find the chair reclined to your satisfied position, and then you can let go of the lever to stop reclining it.
  5. If your recliner is operated through buttons, then press the button to recline the chair as well as to lift the footrest. Once you have reached the satisfied position, stop pushing the buttons.
  6. Lean forward in your recliner and apply pressure on the footrest. If there is a lever, lift it. If there are buttons, press the release button to return the recliner back to the original position. Leave your recliner in the initial position and then move to the next step if you feel you need to.
  7. To adjust the tension, you need to locate the wing nuts or the thumb wheels which is in the bottom of the recliner. You will typically find these positioned either in the center or the back of the recliner’s bottom.
  8. Turn these wheels or nuts clockwise to increase the tension. Turn them counterclockwise to reduce the tension.

How to Fix a Bonzy Home Recliner That Won’t Recline

Other than adjusting the recliner, there are times when you will find that your recliner does not recline. This typically happens with old recliners.

Generally, two different types of mechanisms are responsible for reclining the chair. One employs an arm to operate the reclining mode while the other uses a cable system. In the second type, the most likely reason for this malfunction is a loose or a broken cable.

Solving this issue is simple. You need to:

  1. Access the handle or the lever by taking out the cushion.
  2. See whether the cable is loose or broken.
  3. If the cable is loose, then hook it back to the lever.
  4. If you find the cable broken, simply replace it with a new one.
  5. Check the condition of the lever. If you find it loose, that too could potentially be the cause of this issue. All you just need to do is tighten the bolt and the nut which hold the lever in its place.
  6. If you find the lever to be stripped, there is only one solution to it. You will need to replace that with a new one.
  7. At the same time, check for other parts. Check whether they appear to be bent or are in a weird position. Set them right by bending them back into their original positions.

All of these adjustments we have mentioned above should most likely fix the reclining feature in your chair the way it is supposed to work.


As you may have realized, knowing how to adjust a bonzy home recliner is very simple. Adjusting it will allow you to keep it as per your needs and preferences. Be sure to test it out thoroughly before you finally settle on the tension you feel suits you the best.


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