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Since we spend a minimum of 8 hours in front of our computer each day, I suggest everybody invest a nice office chair that provides nice support for your back feet and neck. While you will not turn into a Quasimodo instantly, you get pretty cloth if you do not care about your back health. I know the struggle of budget buyers and thats why our Bonzy Home office chairs suit you best. This chair is perfect for standing desks because of its height and plenty of height adjustment on top of that. This is a pretty attractive looking office chair perfect for studio and modern offices. The backrest of this chair is made of textile mesh and it is extremely breathable first and foremost but has a very orthopedic shape that delivers great lumbar support and keeps your spine in a healthy position. Moving on the armest of this chair is extremely padded to provide excellent comfort and support for arms further down the seat is foam cushioning. This particular chair is very adjustable, having 360-degree swivel range 24-inch height adjustment that goes up and down smoothly thanks to the tall pneumatic cylinder it has a tension lock as well. It is our tilt adjustment and the padded armrests are adjustable as well-meaning you can move them vertically. The nylon base is very sturdy and it is dual-wheel casters allow you to move smoothly around the desk. Everything is so well for this office chair. It is pretty much a perfect chair and its also worth mention that it is extremely durable and can withstand a maximum weight of 300 pounds.

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